How to choose a greenhouse construction company when constructing a greenhouse?

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How to choose a greenhouse construction company when constructing a greenhouse?

With the development of facility agriculture, there are more and more greenhouses under construction. When designing and constructing greenhouses, how to choose a greenhouse construction company is very important. Here are seven ways to share with you how to choose a suitable greenhouse construction.

  1. The construction of good greenhouses is an enterprise approved by the Administration for Industry and Commerce. The scope of business includes the design, construction and construction of greenhouses.

  2. There are construction qualifications and safety production permits. The greenhouse is a light steel structure. As far as possible, there are three levels of steel structure construction qualifications and safety production permits. Because the greenhouse is large and small, it is a project. If the project is to be constructed, it requires construction qualifications, and you cannot simply find a construction team to contract.

  3. Have your own construction team, a good greenhouse, not only choose good greenhouse construction materials, but also need a good installation team. Some greenhouse companies do not even have their own construction teams, and then the project will be outsourced to some installation and construction teams. In order to earn money, the installation and construction team will steal work and cause quality problems, such as rain leakage, such as deformation of the shed.

  4. There are construction cases, because a good greenhouse contractor naturally has many engineering cases, and the more engineering cases, the more construction experience. With more construction experience, it is easier to solve some technical problems.

  5. There are no bad records. You can check the credit rating of a company through the "Tianyan Check" app to see the comprehensive score, and then check whether the corporate legal person has any bad records. Bad records refer to whether they have been prosecuted, whether they have owed wages to migrant workers, or whether they have been prosecuted because of engineering quality issues.

  6. Greenhouse construction contractor staff, a relatively large greenhouse company is more fully equipped, such as designers, such as budgeters, such as financial accounting, such as logistics, such as project technicians. Some relatively small greenhouse companies are just bare-bones commanders, and even the basic construction drawings and quotation sheets cannot be done well. You should not choose such a greenhouse company.

  7. Construction services, whether it is pre-release, construction or post-maintenance are very important. If the greenhouse engineering technology meets the standards, it will not be in place in the construction services. Later maintenance is very important. One or more greenhouses need to be maintained later when they are built, because the greenhouse is equipped with a variety of equipment, such as gear motors, fans, water pumps, membrane winders, and power distribution systems. Many greenhouse construction companies will no longer maintain after the construction is completed, and this is undesirable and irresponsible.

  8. When signing the contract, a quotation form shall be attached, the quotation form shall be marked with the specifications of the main materials, and the materials of each system shall be marked with the manufacturer.