Introduction to the main parts of greenhouse supporting facilities

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For a complete eco-restaurant greenhouse, the following basic greenhouse facilities or systems should be included, which is also a major part of the investor's need to invest.

1. Main steel Skeleton: This part is the main component and main part of the greenhouse supporting facilities of eco-restaurant. Because the main steel skeleton part of the first guarantee is the safety of the restaurant, safety is also a major part of the building. In addition, the anti-corrosion effect of good steel skeleton service life can reach 10-15 years, and poor anticorrosion performance of the general 2-3 years will need to re-paint maintenance, the cost of virtually increased. Therefore, a good form of anticorrosion is the use of hot-dip galvanized steel skeleton.

2. Covering materials: As a greenhouse supporting facilities covering materials, should have a good insulation, light transmittance, aesthetics, safety and other performance characteristics, generally used glass or PC Sun board coverage. Ecological restaurant greenhouse around the general use of insulating glass, the top of the use of single-layer tempered glass or PC sun board. If the choice of glass, more beautiful, good penetration performance, but the glass weight is large, cheap, but the corresponding will increase the cost of aluminum alloy connectors. And the use of sun plate words, light weight, low cost of aluminum alloy. But the service life of the sun plate is generally short, China's good PC sun plate can be used for 10 years, generally 5-8 years, and the poor kind of service life is only 2-3 years. Good German Bayer Sun board life can reach 10-15 years, and has a good anti-droplet effect, but the price of Bayer Sun Board is too high, limited to the investment ability of the company or personal use.

In addition, it is said that the greenhouse supporting facilities at the top of the cover material anti-droplet effect of the problem. General greenhouse moisture is large, high temperature, in the top covering the lower part of the material will form water vapor, water vapor agglomeration on the formation of droplets dripping in plants or pedestrians and even diners, and its inconvenience treatment. The use of glass as the top cover material is easy to appear this problem, and the use of sunlight board, to use with anti-droplet effect, and is a long-term anti-droplet effect, because some solar panels only half a year or even a year of anti-droplet effect.

3. Window Opening ventilation system: The air in the general restaurant is easy to produce dirty gas, ecological restaurant called "Ecology" is the use of good greenhouse facilities ventilation facilities, to maintain the smooth air flow, ventilation system has many forms: the top of the window, side open window form.

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